University of Heather

My education in love, parenting,

I love finding great Food, Fun and Design across the country but especially in my city, Los Angeles.

I also cycle.


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    Sam Smith at the Greek.

    We just made homemade Spaghetti Eis. Anyone who lived in Germany knows about this unique treat! #spaghettieis (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

    @theweitzeffect knows what he’s talking about. A woman knows what she’s drinking before she gets anywhere. :) It’s good to know who you are and what you want. #knowwhoyouare (at Home)

    #bananasplit #icecream (at Sweet Rose Creamery)

    Oh yeah…..#icecream (at Sweet Rose Creamery)

    @littledomsla has #balls!

    #eat # food #foodie #lafoodie (at Little Dom’s)

    It’s a good day. #joespizza (at Santa Monica, California)

    Who wants to go visit Clark Staub at @fulloflifefoods soon? I’m jonesing for Clark’s yummy food!!! # food #eat #lafoodie (at full of life foods)

    Table8 is currently available in Los Angeles and San Francisco! Get IN to that hot spot at the last minute, even if your name isn’t Spielberg or Newsom. #table8 #foodie #eatery #lafoodie (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

    Have you seen Table8 yet? Have you downloaded the app? Use promo code: HSOMAI52 and get $10 towards your first last minute reservation. (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

    That pretty much explains it. Use promo code:HSOMAI52 to get $10 towards your first reservation! #table8 #foodie #eatery #lafoodie (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

    My cousin @chefericbrown crushing on Food Network’s Cuthroat Kitchen last night. Did you watch? Do you know the outcome? #foodnetwork #foodie #cuthroatkitchen (at Food Network)

    @chefericbrown on the Food Network’s Cuthroat Kitchen last night. Will he win? #foodie #foodnetwork Yes, he’s my cousin! (at Heather&Tere’s)

    One more fun shot of last night’s @starrykitchen dessert…yum! (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

    I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around @starrykitchen was in my house last night. Dessert!!! (at Eat+Drink Supper Club)

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