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    How fun….if you like big headphones on your head.  I prefer ear buds but I’m a less is more kinda gal.

    Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless Headphones

    Bluetooth technology, in theory, is awesome. No cords to get tangled up when you’re on the treadmill. No wires that you have to plug in to get your sweet jams from your phone to your ears. Unfortunately, in practice bluetooth just makes you look like the dude wearing the headset having a very loud conversation in front of a crowd of complete strangers because there weren’t really any other good bluetooth options – but now there are. Beats by Dr. Dre Wireless is the first pair of bluetooth headphones that we would actually enjoy syncing to our own phones. Much like all the other Beats by Dr. Dre options, the Wireless cans aren’t cheap. In fact, they’re quite pricey. But that price tag gets you long-lasting batteries, voice and playback controls right on the earcups and a foldable frame that makes them convenient to carry. Being unplugged never sounded this good. $330


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      I don’t like the idea of talking to someone with them, but the listening… Oh the listening.
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